When translating KAIWA, there are many interpretations possible, all of which are incorporated in our concept of a dining experience to engage the senses.

KAI, by itself, means “oceans” and WA can mean “Japan” and “circle.”

KAIWA means “conversation”, as well as “harmony,” “balance” and “symphony.”

KAIWA is an endless circle of integration and inspiration. We achieve balance and harmony, though modern interpretations of classic cuisine, as well as novel and innovative approaches toward ambiance and style. We are a meeting of minds from across many oceans. The conversation between East and West, traditional and contemporary, Japan and Hawaii, the active and still, is a symphony to engage the senses.

KAIWAという名前には、たくさんの意味が込められています。「KAI」はハワイ語でも日本語でも「海」を表し、「WA」は「和」および「輪」を表します。また、「KAIWA」は「会話」および「諧和(調 和・バランス・ハーモニー)」を表します。東洋と西洋、伝統と現代、日本とハワイ、静と動、それらをバランスよく融合し、五感に響く料理と非日常的な空間で皆様をお迎えいたします。KAIWAで、会話がはずむ楽しいひとときをお過ごしください。


KAIWA’s menu is full of modern Japanese dishes that use locally grown ingredients and authentic Japanese cooking techniques. KAIWA’s menu is simple but distinctive and includes a wide variety of exclusive dishes including sushi and teppan-grilled creations which are available nightly. Come experience the eclectic harmony of East and West, traditional and contemporary, Japan and Hawaii, the active and still, at KAIWA.



KAIWA’s décor is inspired by the energy of Waikiki, the cool beauty of Hawaii’s ocean, and the urban sophistication of Tokyo. A stylish kimono pattern covering a ceiling, an ultra-modern decor juxtaposed with stylized traditional Zashiki room, illuminating fiber optic curtains and color changing bar-lights are just some of the elements that comprise KAIWA. Perhaps the most unforgettable aspect of all, the aforementioned Zashiki room, available for an intimate table for two or a private party for up to 20 guests, which takes the traditional Japanese tatami, or floor style seating, and brings it to a whole new level of comfort.

KAIWAのインテリアは、ワイキキのエネルギーと、ハワイの美しい海、そして東京の洗練された雰囲気を融合。幻想的な光ファイバーカーテン、着物柄に波打つ天井など、スタイリッシュで日常を忘れさせる大人の空間を演出します。鉄板カウンター、寿 司カウンター、ダイニング、掘りごたつ式の座敷ルー ム(20名収容可能)、ラナイ席があり、シーンに合わせて使い分けられます。

Chef’s BIO

Hideaki Kishishita 岸下 秀昭

Executive chef 総料理長

After graduating from high school in his hometown of Fukuoka, Japan, Hideaki Kishishita enrolled in a culinary school in 1993. While gathering experience centrally around Japanese cuisine, Kishishita broke into fusion, after being enlightened by the new ideas of French and Italian cooking. Kishishita has worked and gained experience as the head chef and manager in numerous restaurants in various prefigures such as Osaka, Kobe, and Fukuoka. In December of 2007, Kishishita entered into KAIWA. He shared his strengths at “KAIWA”, the new Hawaii location, as the executive chef, leading both the Teppan and sushi counters. Kishishita continues to use his experience to pursue the goodness of “WA” – Japanese style – while for a fresh, new “WA”, for all to enjoy.